Redux Contacts (React)

Build a contact management system using Redux in React. Your redux store will be in charge of maintaining and updating your contact list. You will create »

React Event Listeners

Handling Events Handling events with React elements is very similar to handling events on DOM elements. There are some syntactic differences: React events are named using »

Demystifying REGEX

A Regular Expression is simply a sequence of characters that define a search pattern. Regular expressions can be given to languages like Javascript to have it »

Set Timeout and Set Interval

setInterval and setTimeout are two of the higher order functions in Javascript. Higher order functions take a function as one of their arguments like we see »

Higher Order Functions

Higher Order Functions In programming, a higher order function either takes one or more functions as an argument or outputs a function Functions in JavaScript are »

Managing a Heavy Workload

During these first few weeks you will be receiving a large amount of assignments including warmups, exercises, and projects. It can feel quite overwhelming and may »

V School Preparation

Before your first day at V School, we'd like you to sign up for a few services. Since these are internet accounts, it shouldn't matter which »

MacOS Basic Navigation and Shortcuts

Knowing keyboard and screen shortcuts (a.k.a "hotkeys") will drastically improve your productivity and awesomeness. For a more exhaustive resource visit this site. Keyboard Shortcuts »

Daily Teaching

You are going to take 5-10 min to go over a topic in front of the class. The topic will be one that we have already »

Flexbox Full Tutorial

This write-up is taken from the beautifully built course here: Below are the 3 files used in this tutorial index.html »