Code Challenge Curriculum

Code Challenges are not only important for the interview, but they help us get familiar with code syntax and strengthen our problem solving.

You are provided with a git repository that will take the role of a large workbook for these challenges and exercises.

Tests will be provided for code challenges up to a certain point, and then you will be expected to write your own tests once you get through testing in the curriculum.

Many of these code challenges are in the curriculum to help you practice new concepts and syntax. Many of them are provided for daily practice.  These are separated into "exercises" and "daily-challenges" folders.


1. Clone git repository into appropriate folder

Your "Development" or "VSchool" folder would be appropriate.

run git clone

2. Remove .git

Navigate to the "code-challenge" directory/folder.

ls -a will show you your files and folders in that folder. -a will show you the hidden files and folders which include .git.

When you see .git, run rm -rf .git to remove it from the code-challenge folder.

If "code-challenges" isn't in one of your git repositorys, you may want to make it one from scratch, and start a new repository on github for it.

3. Get a practice code challenge set up

In terminal, navigate to the folder named after the code challenge.

Run npm i --no-optional. This will install Jest because it's listed in package.json. The "no optional" flag is to avoid warnings from a package called fsevents and maybe others.

In package.json we see a script called test. Run it wil: npm run test.

This will run your tests!