String Methods Exercise

Make a function that will return any given string into all caps followed by the same string all lowercase. capilizeAndLowercase("Hello") // => "HELLOhello& »

DOM Debug

Getting Started clone the git repo: git clone Open index.html in the browser. We'll be using the Chrome developer tools »

DOM Manipulation Olympics!

DOM manipulation is it's own beast. Fairly soon, you'll be doing a lot of it along side of other things that are conceptually difficult if you're »

React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools Developing React apps becomes a lot more pleasant when you utilize the React Devtools. In many ways, it looks like your DOM tree »

Express Query Practice

const inventoryItems = [ { name: "banana", type: "food", price: 200, },{ name: "pants", type: "clothing", price: 2500, },{ name: "basket ball& »