React Router Nested Routes

Nested Routes A common paradigm when creating web applications is to have a "list page" and a "detail page". Consider a product search on Amazon. The »

DJ React

You are a DJ, and are learning to code. All DJ's love buttons that turn squares different colors. Requirements: Your DJ color board will use smaller »

Mom's Shopping List in React

Your mom is frustrated by her propensity to lose slips of paper with writing on them, specifically her shopping lists. She knows that you're a really »

CSS Grid Practice

Remake these images using CSS Grid. Feel free to use more pleasant colors. Don't use grid-template-areas for your layout on numbers 1-3. 1. Hint: Think ahead »

Loops and Arrays Practice

#1 Loop through the following array and count how many "computers" there are. Log the final count: var officeItems = ["stapler", "monitor", "computer", "desk", "lamp", "computer", "lamp" »

HTML Forms Part 2

Part 2 is the fun part. We get to explore all the cushy things our browser has built for us, and all we have to do »

HTML Forms Part 1

Basic tags and attributes Tags The HTML <form> element defines a form that is used to collect user input: <form> </-- »

Mouse Debug

Setup You will need to clone the above repo from Github. Go to your exercises folder and enter the following command. »

Problem Solving Practice

Write a function that takes an array of numbers and returns the largest (without using Math.max()) largest([3, 5, 2, 8, 1]) // => 8 Write »

Hello World, Jokes!

Build a website from scratch that displays a "Hello world!" first-level header element and has an ordered list of your favorite jokes. »

Ditto's Playground

You will re-create the following home page of the following website: Links and JavaScript functionality do not have to work. Fonts, images, »

Blog Props

A great way to practice building web stuff is to copy sites or apps that are already built. This exercise will help you to fight through »

Dynamic Rendering in React

Often times we will want to render different elements or components conditionally. Imagine a login button. The user will see the login button until they login. »

PropTypes Type Checking Type checking is an important principle in programming. JavaScript lets you get away with a lot of potentially »

React/Redux Developer Tools

React Developer Tools Developing React apps becomes a lot more pleasant when you utilize the React Devtools. In many ways, it looks like your DOM tree »