Collaborating with Git & Github

# Git Collaboration

git branch
git checkout
git merge

# Start the Repo, clone master

1. Create git repository on github
2. Connect/clon locally
3. Set up the code base
  - git add -A
  - git commit -m "initial commit" 
4. Clone the repository
  - don't forget to npm install and create any other ignored files
  - git clone <pasted command github>
5. Create a feature branch
  - git branch server-setup
6. Checkout to that branch
  - git checkout server-setup
7. Commit and push branch to github
8. git checkout master
9. Pull down remote master
  - git pull
10. Checkout back to local branch
  - git checkout server-setup
11. Merge local master into local branch
  - git merge --no-ff master
  - if this goes well 
    - shift + ZZ
  - if it goes badly 
    - resolve conflicts locally 
12. push branch to github
  - git add -A
  - git commit -m "initial commit"
  - git push
13. Create PR on github
14. Git checkout to master and git pull