Mongo Installation on Windows

To install and start Mongo on Windows, follow these directions:

Follow the instructions on

  • After the program is downloaded, find the bin folder. (This is inside the mongodb program file that was installed). Copy the link to this folder.
  • Press windows and type env to edit system environment variables on your computer.
  • Click environment variables and highlight the variable that says PATH under user variables.
  • With this highlighted, click edit and then click add a new path.
  • Copy the path to monogdb’s bin folder. Press ok, ok, ok. The environment window should be closed.
  • At this point, monogdb should be completely installed on your machine and you should be able to use mongo commands in your command terminal. Try and use them in ubuntu...if it says mongo not found continue below.
  • Open an ubuntu terminal and type these three commands one at a time, pressing enter after each:
       sudo apt-get update
       sudo apt-get install mongodb
       sudo service mongodb start

You should now be able to use mongo commands inside of the ubuntu subsystem.