Meme List Generator: Level 3 Group Capstone

Your group will make an app that satisfies the following user stories. It will be similar to what was completed in Scrimba, but will be done in VS Code and in a group using git:

  • A user will see a meme image on page load
  • A user can click "refresh meme image" to load a new one
  • A user will see a form with two inputs and a submit button
  • Inputs will be:
    • top text
    • bottom text
  • A user will be able to see a preview of their meme
  • A user will be able to add created memes to a list
  • A user will be able to delete memes from the list
  • A user will be able to edit an existing meme

Warning: The project will be maintained on github. It is suggested you read and watch everything in Resources before starting the project.

Preform an HTTP request to "" to get a list of memes.

Working In a group

  • Each team member will contribute code to the git repo
  • While you won't have to commit state related code to the git repo yourself, you will need to work on state related code, maybe with a teammate or two, so that you can talk about what you did in your assessment. If you are working on code related to state, make sure you involve teammates who might not otherwise get the chance because they are working on different files.Paired or group programming is prevalent in the industry.
  • Use the Level Channel to check in with someone in a later Level, a TA, or an instructor when you're beginning.


Step 1 in Nate Jensen's YouTube video is broken down in a nice way in "How to get started with github"

How to get started with github.
A lot of this project will be learning git! There's a bit to it. Here's a reference, but Googleing is often required.
This walk through may help you get a big picture of what you're doing in git.
API Documentation