It's a Start Up

You and 2 friends decided to start up a business. You know you need a website, but you're bootstrapping your business without external funding, so you can't pay someone else to do it.

The type of business doesn't really matter, so get creative with it. This will be a static website, so it doesn't require the use of any JavaScript. However, if you want to go above-and-beyond, you're welcome to include some JavaScript too.

Your site should be well-styled and should look good on mobile screens (that is, it should be responsive).

Group Project Requirements

Create a website for your new business that is well-styled, responsive.

Each member of the group will be responsible for creating and styling at least one page, so there should be a minimum of 3 pages for this group project.

Each page should include:

  • Inline/Block elements
  • Divs & spans
  • Images
  • List (navigation bar can count as a "list")
  • Headers/paragraphs
  • Semantic HTML (HTML 5 new tags)
  • CSS Box model (margin, padding, border, width/height
  • Responsive (Media queries, Flexbox, Bootstrap Grid, CSS Grids, or any combination of the above)
  • Linked to the other pages

You will work together on this project via Github. Do not copy and paste code and send it to one another, the purpose behind this as a group project is to help teach you guys how to work as a team using Github, so do not deprive yourself that experience.

To get your Group Project up and running on Github follow this tutorial

Starting a Group Project on Github
When you start your group project you are going to need to create a repositorythat you can all work on together. This write up will instruct you on how to setthat up and begin collaborating. First, go to Github and select New Organization Next, Select Free Then, Select your teammates Then f…