React Event Listeners

Handling Events Handling events with React elements is very similar to handling events on DOM elements. There are some syntactic differences: React events are named using »

Higher Order Functions

Higher Order Functions In programming, a higher order function either takes one or more functions as an argument or outputs a function Functions in JavaScript are »

Managing a Heavy Workload

During these first few weeks you will be receiving a large amount of assignments including warmups, exercises, and projects. It can feel quite overwhelming and may »

Daily Teaching

You are going to take 5-10 min to go over a topic in front of the class. The topic will be one that we have already »

Flexbox Full Tutorial

This write-up is taken from the beautifully built course here: Below are the 3 files used in this tutorial index.html »

CSS Variables

This write-up is taken from the beautifully built course here: CSS Variables are specific values to be reused throughout a document. »

CSS Grid

This write-up is taken from the beautifully built course here: This will give you a brief rundown of the main functionality »

Bootstraps bootstraps

For this exercise you will install the default bootstrap navbar, but rather than using exactly what they give you, you get to make some changes to »

Bootstrap Navbar

Bootstrap provides a broad variety of useful tools which not only decrease the amount of time you spend writing code, but also increase the aesthetic appeal »

Nested Loops

Nested loops are a very useful tool that we have access to in JavaScript. They can be used for a variety of things, such as accessing/ »


"It's like a function but for strings!" - Dan Hitt Let's Practice String Methods. Implement all of the listed String Methods below using at least 3 »

String Methods

Now that we are familiar with Strings and Functions we are going to teach you about String Methods. Now methods are essentially just functions that are »

Penguins vs. Bugs

Huzzah! More debugging exercises! See if you can find all the bugs in this broken Penguins v. Communists project and get it to run properly. Click »

Bugs on a Plane

Fun Times! We get to practice more debugging! Follow the commands below to download the buggy program and go through it squashing any bugs you find »