Daily Teaching

You are going to take 5-10 min to go over a topic in front of the class. The topic will be one that we have already taught in class, you are just doing a quick review of it. Some ideas for structuring your review/lesson are listed below.

  1. Quickly touch on the main/most important principles
  2. Explain aspects of the topic that were a challenge for you to grasp and how you were able to grasp it
  3. Quiz the class about aspects of the topic with simple questions

EXAMPLE: If you were teaching about how to shoot a basketball.

  1. You could explain
  • how to hold the ball
  • the position the body should be in in relation to the hoop
  • when to jump
  • etc…

2 Maybe you struggled knowing how hard to release the ball

  • Explain what specifically you practiced/tried in order to figure out how to be more accurate in releasing the ball

3 Quiz the class

  • How do you hold the ball?
  • What position should your body be in?
  • When do you jump?
  • How can you be more accurate in knowing how hard to release the ball?
  • etc…

The topic will be given at the end of each school day and a student will be randomly selected at around 5:00pm the following day to teach that topic in front of the class. Remember it is random, so you should always be prepared to teach a lesson. Also, we understand that you are not professional teachers and this may be highly uncomfortable for many if not all of you. This daily practice should help you accomplish 3 things:

  1. To learn to deal with the pressure that WILL be present at job interviews. Often a group of 5-10 professional developers will be at an interview taking turns asking you questions.
  2. To find the gaps in your learning and figure them out, don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors/instructors for help while preparing your lesson plan
  3. To practice and engrain topics and also offer whatever insight you have to your fellow classmates