Intro to Flux

Introduction To understand Flux we first need to understand where Flux came from. Flux evolved from "MVC" (short for Model, View, Controller), which is a design »

Class Components

So far the way we have been writing components has been functional like so. const Hello = (props) => ( <div> <h2>Hello {props. »

Practice Problems

Introduction Now that you have a basic understanding of the building blocks that make up JavaScript you are going to use them in problem-solving. 1) Make »

Problem Solving Practice

Write a function that takes an array of numbers and returns the largest (without using Math.max()) largest([3, 5, 2, 8, 1]) // => 8 Write »

Hello World, Jokes!

Build a website from scratch that displays a "Hello world!" first-level header element and has an ordered list of your favorite jokes. »

Ditto's Playground

You will re-create one of the following home pages of the following websites: Links and JavaScript functionality do not »

Blog Props

A great way to practice building web stuff is to copy sites or apps that are already built. This exercise will help you to fight through »

Dynamic Rendering in React

Often times we will want to render different elements or components conditionally. Imagine a login button. The user will see the login button until they login. »

PropTypes Type Checking Type checking is an important principle in programming. JavaScript lets you get away with a lot of potentially »

React/Redux Developer Tools

React Developer Tools Developing React apps becomes a lot more pleasant when you utilize the React Devtools. In many ways, it looks like your DOM tree »

V school React/Redux Standard

Introduction One of the great things about React/Redux is unlike other JavaScript libraries and frameworks React/Redux is very unopinionated. That means you are given »

Same Digit

Warmup Write a function that takes two non-negative integers as arguments. Return whether they share the same last digit. HINT: The % operator computes remainders Example sameDigit( »

Redux Contacts (Pure JS Redux)

Build a contact management system using Redux in a vanilla JavaScript environment (no React). You should be able to dispatch actions that add a new person »

Redux Intro

Redux is a state management tool. By now, you've likely been using React and state, setState, and props to pass data around in your application. For »