Covid-19 | Job Market Pulse from Hiring Managers & Recruiters

March 19-20, 2020 Responses

Hiring Managers & Recruiters

"I don’t “think” we’ll be affected too bad (unless we have more earthquakes). I’m still recruiting ahead as usual, until I hear otherwise." ~ Corporate Recruiter

"Thank you for checking in. We’re staying safe and healthy. For now, our direction for hiring here at CHG Healthcare is “business as usual”. We’ve made modifications as we’re now a 100 percent work force but we feel confident we can continue to partner with our leaders to make hires." ~ Technical Recruiter

"Thanks for reaching out. It’s been an interesting week. We’ve paused the majority of our roles this week while we figure out what our short-term environment is going to look like. I’m hopeful that in the new few weeks we’ll be back to normal, but it’s hard to tell. I’ve had a few recruiting friends at other companies affected. Might be a slow recruiting season for a minute." ~ Technical Recruiting Manager

Staffing Companies

"Yes, there are a few changes. That Digital admin position is on hold right now and some of our clients are evaluating their hiring right now. We are taking digital interviews." ~ Recruiting Manager

"Thanks for reaching out. Things are good on our end. We are as good as they can be on our end but everything is pretty much on hold at this point." ~Head of Technical and Executive Recruiting

"What we have seen is a surge of demand for IT folks to help clients manage a remote workforce.  Contracts and projects with the Federal Government have not slowed with many still needing skilled IT professions." ~ Business Development Manager

"It's definitely made an impact. Theres a lot of hiring freezes and then my Clients who are still hiring are figuring out how to do the whole process remotely." ~ Sr. Technical Recruiter