So you want to work remotely

So you want to work remotely

Remote work is hard to find, but it is possible to achieve, especially if you've worked remotely before.

If this will be your first remote position, I would focus instead on negotiating a position that will let you start working remotely after the first 6 months to a year. As a new developer, with no experience, most companies will prefer to train you in person as it makes communication a lot easier.

If you do have prior remote experience (even if it isn't in development) below are some great resources for finding remote job postings and connecting with other people.

Freelancing is another way to get started as a remote developer, but keep in mind that being your own boss means being your own business owner. We'll talk more about that later.

Remember, networking is all about reaching out to people and building relationships. The following slack teams are a few international places to start connecting with other remote web developers:

These are a couple dedicated Remote Work Job Post Sites:

Again, freelancing is another great way to start working remotely. I'll be putting together some more resources on places to find freelance work soon.

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