Finding Jobs to Apply For: Online

This post is part 1 of series on job search best practices. Check out a list of additional posts at the end of this article.

Job searching is challenging and Online job searching even more so for a number of reasons:

  • You’re competing against thousands of other people
  • You become just a "number", an "application" vs a talented person that someone can recommend
  • It can take longer, especially if you aren’t able to move for a job
  • If you want to stay in the same city or state, you will run out of jobs to apply for on a weekly basis

I don't say these things to scare you, but rather to help you understand the importance of the resources we've put together for making your online job search more successful.

Read on for lists of various job listing sites, resume review tools and even recommendations for tracking your search and which terms to use.

Job Search Sites

Running out of jobs to search for is a real thing, but that doesn't mean you should give up when Indeed stops producing results. Instead, move on to a different site!

While this isn't a definitive list, it's a great start. Don't forget to sign up for notifications on future job postings to save yourself some time. It's better to peruse your email for postings than manually searching day in and out:

Job Search Terms

Different companies use different phrases for the same job title. It's obnoxious and confusing, but it's a fact, and the only way you're going to beat the system is by trying out as many search terms as you can think of before calling it quits. Here are a few to get you started:

  • JavaScript Web Developer
  • Entry Level Developer JavaScript
  • Jr. Developer JavaScript
  • Front End Developer
  • Front End Software Engineer
  • Jr. Software Engineer JavaScript
  • Jr. Web Developer JS
  • Web Developer Entry JS
  • JavaScript Developer 1-2 Years
  • React Developer
  • Associate Developer
  • Node Developer
  • React Engineer
  • HTML/CSS Developer
  • Jr. Web Developer React
  • Back End Developer Node


You can also learn more about apprenticeships for some here, though this is not a definitive list:

In Review

I hate to say, "that's about it", but quite frankly, it really is. In review, make sure you're using more than one search engine to find your jobs and more than one search term when you start looking for them. I also strongly recommend signing up for notifications on new postings so you aren't spending your mornings clicking the "Search" button over and over again.

You can usually sign up for notifications by either creating an account on the job search site and/or clicking the link or button below your search that often says "Create Job Alert" or "Get new jobs for this search by email". It'll save you a lot of time and help you to focus on the next important step: Applying.

On the topic of applying, there are a few different approaches you can take and I recommend taking a look at them all: