No way a

Make a function that takes a string and returns that string with all instances of the letter 'a' removed. Must handle lowercase and uppercase letters. let »

Noding Bat

About Noding Bat is a copy of the Coding Bat programming problems ported over to JavaScript. Going through many practice problems is a great way to »


Beautify is IDE extension that reformats HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other languages to meet code styling conventions. This is useful as it makes your code more »

Replace All The Things

Note you must have finished Newsies before this exercise Go through your Newsies exercise and replace your divs with semantic tags. Examples of semantic tags include »

Basic Array

Make an array of that has four or more strings and print each to the console without using a for loop. Reminder: An array is a »

Intro to Flux

Introduction To understand Flux we first need to understand where Flux came from. Flux evolved from "MVC" (short for Model, View, Controller), which is a design »

Class Components

So far the way we have been writing components has been functional like so. const Hello = (props) => ( <div> <h2>Hello {props. »

Practice Problems

Introduction Now that you have a basic understanding of the building blocks that make up JavaScript you are going to use them in problem-solving. 1) Make »

V school React/Redux Standard

Introduction One of the great things about React/Redux is unlike other JavaScript libraries and frameworks React/Redux is very unopinionated. That means you are given »

Index is an anti-pattern

The problem When mapping over data in React you sometimes see developers do that following: {, index) => ( <li key={index} »

Components In React

What is a component? A component is part or element of a larger whole. In React a component is just that, a part of a website. »

React vs ReactDOM

When building web applications in React, you use two packages—react and react-dom. Why is there react and react-dom? What is the difference? The react package »

Inline Styling with React

Intro If you want to pass style down through props, are building animations, or want some conditional styling in React you will find yourself in need »

Styling in React

Styling in React Now that we have started using React how are we supposed to style all those awesome components that we have been making. There »


Today we are going to be building a function that removes all vowels and spaces from a string. It will then return the result as an »

Game of Threes

Write a recursive function that takes two integers, n and counter as parameters and does the following: 1) If the n is divisible by three, divide »

Matching Words

You are a treasure hunter and you have found a cave that you believe holds the ultimate treasure. But there is a wall in your way. »


TDD TDD stands for Test Driven Development. It works like this, you decided what this section of your software does, and before you write the code »