Restaurant Objects / Dom Review

Today you're making a restaurant, to start this restaurant your first going to make a menu.

  1. Make an array of three object literal dishes for your menu.
  2. Make a constructor function for a dish object
  3. Add 3 more items to your menu using the constructor function.

Now we are going to need to make a website to keep this menu on. Go and design a basic menu site with dummy items for your menu. Only use HTML/CSS no JavaScript yet.

After we have our basic site lets output our data on
the page using JavaScript.

  1. Make a for loop to iterate over the menu array.
  2. Inside of the loop use document.createElement to make a new LI tag
  3. Next use document.createTextNode to make a new textNode with for menu item
  4. Append your text element to your LI element
  5. Append your LI element to the DOM

If you get stuck you can find an example here: