Redux Contacts (Pure JS Redux)

Build a contact management system using Redux in a vanilla JavaScript environment (no React). You should be able to dispatch actions that add a new person »

Redux Intro

Redux is a state management tool. By now, you've likely been using React and state, setState, and props to pass data around in your application. For »

Redux Thunk

This post assumes you already have learned and understand the basic concepts of Redux - action creators and actions, the dispatcher, the reducers, and the store. »

Redux in React

Create React App index.js redux folder actions (with index.js inside) reducers (with index.js inside) install redux and react-redux Add Provider Wrap <App& »

React Router

What is a SPA? React Router is an excellent tool we can use to help us easily turn our React applications into Single Page Applications (SPAs) »

Random Color Component

Create a component that uses axios to GET a random color from the random color API and sets that component's background color to that random color. »

Name Entry

Build a simple react app with an input box, an <h1>, a button, and an ordered list. The user will type names into the »

Flatten Array

Given an array of indeterminate depth (dimensions), return a flattened version of the original array. function flatten(arr) { } let arr = [1, 2, [3]] flatten(arr) // returns »

Superhero Events

Build a React app that displays a list of superheroes with their name and image. When any part of the superhero component (name or image) is »

Array Reduce Exercises

Use the built-in .reduce() method on arrays to solve all of these problems 1) Turn an array of numbers into a total of all the numbers »

DJ JS 2.0

We'll be beefing up our original DJ JS. (You'll still need to make this from scratch). This time around, we won't be focusing on javascript event »

Computer Setup for V-School

Download the native Slack app Don't just use the web app. The native app handles notifications much better than the web app. Download here Download a »

Mapping Components in React

We've already covered the hardcoding of components in React, when you already know exactly what you want to show up on the screen. However, React isn't »

React State

Why state? Up until now, we've been able to create simple, static (unchanging) UI (User Interface - what the user actually sees) components (those that just »

Double Sum

Warm-Up Write a function that returns the sum of two integers or if they are the same, returns double their sum. doubleSum(1,4); //returns 5 »