MacOS Basic Navigation and Shortcuts

Knowing keyboard and screen shortcuts (a.k.a "hotkeys") will drastically improve your productivity and awesomeness. For a more exhaustive resource visit this site. Keyboard Shortcuts »


Write a function that returns an array containing the numbers from 1 to 100. However, if the number is divisible by 3 it should be replaced »

Array Shuffler

Write a function that takes an array as a parameter and returns a new array with the contents randomly "shuffled". Example shuffle([1,2,3,4, »

Same Digit

Warmup Write a function that takes two non-negative integers as arguments. Return whether they share the same last digit. HINT: The % operator computes remainders Example sameDigit( »

CRUD Store

Exercise This exercise is your first foray into implementing mongoose into your express server. You will be making a CRUD e-store inventory. Use postman to interface »

Stringify URL

Warmup PART 1 Write a function that takes a query object and an HTTP endpoint and then returns a URL with a query string. Example: function »

Query It

Warmup Given a query object and an array of objects, write a function that returns an array of items that match the query. If the query »

Two Sum

Warmup Given an array of integers and a target integer, return the indices of the FIRST two numbers which add up to the target. Assume the »

React Roto-Router

Exercise For this exercise you will be making a mock SPA (Single Page Application) for a plumbing company website. Your website must contain a navbar, footer, »

Every and Some

Warmup Write two functions that mimic the .every and .some array methods. every(arr, callback): Given an array and a callback function, return true or false »

Frame It

Warm-Up Given a string of any length, write a function that "frames" it in a multi-dimensional array. For example: frameIt("pic"); //returns [ [*,*,*,*,*], [*,p,i,c,*], [*,*,*,*,*] ] »

Longest Substring

Warm-Up Write a JavaScript function to find the longest substring in a given a string without repeating characters. Example: longestSub("happy"); //returns "hap" »

Adjacent Difference

Given an array of strings, find the 3 adjacent elements with the longest combined length. Return them in the form of an array. Example: For const »

Check Data Types

Given a multi-dimensional array containing only primitive data types (strings, booleans, and numbers), write a function that returns whether EACH element within each subarray belongs to »