Knowing keyboard and screen shortcuts (a.k.a "hotkeys") will drastically improve your productivity and awesomeness. For a more exhaustive resource visit this site.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you use VS Code, Atom, or otherwise, this list of common keyboard shortcuts will help you write code faster and smarter:

Quick Navigation

  • + : Move cursor to the bottom of file
  • + : Move cursor to the top of file
  • + : Move cursor to the beginning of current line
  • + : Move cursor to the end of current line
  • (Option) + : Move cursor to beginning of current word
  • (Option) + : Move cursor to end of current word

Quick Selection

  • (Shift) + Any of the Quick Navigation commands: Select all text from current location to where the cursor lands
  • + a: Select all text
  • double-click: Select current word
  • triple-click: Select current line

(Hint: Instead of Lasso-ing with your mouse/trackpad, just click on where you want to start your selection and hold (Shift) while clicking on where you want to end the selection. No more awkward finger dancing on your trackpad!)

Easy Text Transferring

  • + c: Copy current selection to clipboard
  • + x: Cut current selection (Hint: cuts entire line if nothing selected, even blank lines)
  • + v: Paste from clipboard
  • (Option) + : Switch current line/selection with line above
  • (Option) + : Switch current line/selection with line below
  • (Shift) + (Option) + : Copy current line/selection to line directly below
  • (Shift) + (Option) + : Copy current line/selection to line directly above

Mac Window/Display Shortcuts

It's common to have a lot of tabs, programs, and desktops open. Instead of taking your hands off the keyboard every time you want to switch to a new view try this:

Tab Cycling

  • (Option) + + ( or ): Toggle between each open tab (Works in both browsers and editors)

Application Cycling

  • + (Tab): Displays all open applications.
  • Continue holding while tapping (Tab) to toggle through applications.
  • Hold (Shift) to toggle backwards.
  • Release all to select.
  • + Space: Opens up the Spotlight Search

Desktop Cycling

  • (Ctrl) + (also three-finger-swipe-up): Displays all windows in current desktop.
  • Continue holding (Ctrl) and tap or to toggle between available desktops. You can also three-finger-swipe-left or three-finger-swipe-right.
  • Drag and drop windows to new or existing desktops at the top of the screen.
  • (Ctrl) + (also three-finger-swipe-down) to select desktop.


A lot of these commands can be used in tandem with others to create earth-shattering efficiencies in the coding process. Practice messing around with these until they become habit. People will stand in awe at your greatness.