Using the mongo shell, you will perform all possible CRUD operations on a database collection of candies.

To begin:

  1. Open a new terminal window and run mongo
  2. Create a new database with db use demo
  3. Make your first entry to a new collection: db.candies.insertOne({name: "Snickers", price: 1.5, quantity: 5, eaten: false })


Refer to the documentation for all the query methods available in the Mongo shell. Use Compass to test that your database is being updated properly.


  1. Insert a single candy
  2. Insert at least 3 candies all in one command


  1. Query all candies
  2. Query all candies by name of your choice
  3. Query one candy by ID


  1. Change the price of a single candy using ID
  2. Change the name of eaten property to true on every candy


  1. Delete a single candy by Id
  2. Delete all candies with a quantity greater than 2
  3. Delete all candies