Style Guide (Assignments)

Style Guide (Assignments)

Main Topic Title is in the title of the blog above ^^ (h1), so don't use h1s for anything else in the article.

First-level subtitles (h2)

Second-level subtitles (h4)

Third-level subtitles (h6)

Separate h2-level headers with a line break:

Don't forget to edit the metadata in settings (gear icon in the upper-right.) For the image, try to find a high-resolution image (via unsplash maybe, or search for something relating to what you're looking for.) The photo is reduced to a banner-style image where it is wide and not very tall, so searching for "_ _ banner photo" can be helpful to find something that fits well. E.g. Googling "fingerprint banner photo" might be useful for an exercise about security.

Description / Goal (h2)

Provide a concise summary of what the task is and what the expectations are.

Constraints (h2)

Clearly define the scope of the assignment.

For function warmups make sure to specify what the limitations are on possible input and output values (e.g. CodeFights).

For large-scale projects, provide details on what tools/strategies are allowed.

Checklist (h2)

List out each requirement individually so that the student knows exactly what to work towards and can track his/her progress. For example:

Your function must work for the following cases:

  • warmupFunc(testCase1) --> returns x
  • warmupFunc(testCase2) --> returns y


Your app must have the following features:

  • A form for adding new items.
  • A list which displays each item added by the user.
  • Each item must have its own delete button where the user can remove it from the display.
  • Each item must have an edit form where the user can update his/her information.

Demo (h2)

Provide an image, code block, GIF, etc. which shows a finished product in action so the student has a tangible view of what they should expect to accomplish.