Redux Timer

Redux Timer


Your challenge is to build a timer using React and Redux. This is a pair programming exercise, so pick a partner!


  1. Display Minutes and Seconds
  2. Start Button
  3. Stop Button
  4. Reset Button
  5. Style creatively using whatever CSS tools you prefer

Bonus Points:

  1. Display milliseconds.
  2. Create a Lap button that saves the current time and pushes it to an array of laps and displays it.


  • Your redux state should contain the current time, defaulted to zero.
  • You will need a component to display the time, as well as a separate component which contains the buttons.
  • Use the Date object to set minutes and seconds easier. For example:
let time = new Date(0);
let secs = time.getSeconds();
// 0
let mins = time.getMinutes();
// 0
  • setInterval and clearInterval methods will be your best friends.

Good Luck!