You are going to set up your first repository on your machine and on Github, and then you are going to push up the framework for your homework this week.

  • On Github, create a new Repository entitled git-practice
  • On your local machine, create an folder called git-practice. Inside of that folder:
    • Create an index.html file
    • Create a css folder and put a main.css file in that folder
    • Create an img folder and put any image inside of it (grab one from the Internet)
  • Initialize a local git repository in your local git-practice folder.
git init
  • Add the remote url of the GitHub remote you created in the first step to this new git repository
# cd into root project folder, the one you want to save versions of with Git
git remote add origin <enter-your-remote-url-from-github-here>
  • Add, commit, and push these changes to your repository
git add --all
git commit -m "<put your commit message here>"
git push -u origin master