Week 7 Interview

This will be a demonstration of your understanding of the topics covered in HTTP/APIs Level 3 and Databases Level 2. It will consist of a technical interview with an instructor or TA.

Technical interview

The instructor/TA will ask you to answer / explain the following questions / topics:

  • What REST is and what the typical RESTful architecture consists of
    • Student should be able to write a set of fake documentation for the 4 main HTTP verbs of a hypothetical site, like a recipe organizer
  • What URL parameters and query parameters are, and how they're different from one another
  • What client-side and server-side rendering means, and how they're different from one another
  • The concept of a relational database.
  • The concept of a non-relational database.
  • What databases and collections are in Mongo.
  • What a Schema is.
  • How Mongoose interacts with MongoDB.
  • How collections interact and reference each other.
  • What deployment is.
  • What nginx does.

This interview will be accompanied by JavaScript challenges.

Successfully answering these questions will pass off:

  • HTTP/APIs Level 3
  • Databases Level 2
Retaking the test

If for some reason you're not able to pass the technical interview, you will have another chance to pass off this level at a later time in the near future (probably Monday), and will be required to meet with a mentor or tutor to prepare for retaking the test.