Create three functions using the provided array as an argument.

  • First function: returns contents of the array, lyrics, to the console as a string, including necessary spaces.
  • Second function: returns lyrics backwards ("pretty so I'm myself kiss Gotta...").
  • Third function: returns a string of just every other word, (e.g. "this that cold Pfeiffer...").

Extra challenge

  • Fourth function: returns all of lyrics, but every two words are switched ( "hit This ice that Michelle cold...").
  • Fifth function: returns lyrics in a random order.
var lyrics = ["This", "hit", "that", "ice", "cold", 
              "Michelle", "Pfeiffer", "that", "white", 
              "gold", "This", "one", "for", "them", 
              "hood", "girls", "Them", "good", "girls", 
              "straight", "masterpieces", "Stylin'", 
              "whilen'", "livin'", "it", "up", "in", 
              "the", "city", "Got", "Chucks", "on", 
              "with", "Saint", "Laurent", "Gotta", "kiss", 
              "myself", "I'm", "so", "pretty"];