Ugly Things

You are going to build an React app that allows a user to post things that they think are ugly. The data of ugly things should be managed by React Context.


  • Must have 3 input fields:
    • Img url field (A url to an image of an ugly thing)
    • Title field (The title of the image that the user wants to give)
    • Description field (why the user thinks it is ugly)
  • Must have Submit button that submits the data
  • Must display a list of posted images with their associated titles and descriptions
  • Must store the array of ugly thing objects in the Context store
  • Must be able to delete an ugly thing
  • Must be able to edit an ugly thing

Example Site:


  • Have 3 images horizontally on each row
  • Allow each image to have one or more user-submitted comments
  • Allow the ability to delete specific comments