Travel form

Travel form

You just started your own airline, and you need to create a form to collect data about your passengers' upcoming travel plans so they can book their flight.

You should collect the following information from the user:

  • First name (text input)
  • Last name (text input)
  • Age (number input)
  • Gender (radio buttons with 2 or more options)
  • Location they're traveling to (select box with at least 3 options. You're an airline that doesn't fly to many places...)
  • Whether they have any dietary restrictions (check boxes for vegetarian, kosher, lactose free, etc. Include at least 3 options)

Each element of the form should be given a name attribute so you can access the data in JavaScript and do stuff with it.

There should also be a button at the end of the form to submit it. Upon pressing the button, an alert should pop up that looks like this:

You should style your form (without using Bootstrap) to look good.