Todo Express

Todo Express

Create a simple Express Server that manages a list of todos (which at this point will just be held in an array on the server, since we haven't gotten to including databases yet).

Todos should have a data format similar to:

    "name": "The name",
    "description": "The description of the todo"
    "imageUrl": "http://www.myimage...."
    "completed": false
    "_id": "23k4lh23h2"

Create endpoints that:

  • allows new todo items to be posted to the array,
    • When posting a new todo, you must generate a unique id for that todo (consider using the uuid npm package),
  • returns the entire list of todos,
  • allows the user to update a todo by its _id,
  • allows the user to delete a todo by its _id, and
  • allows the user retrieve a single todo by its _id.