In order to practice translating real-world objects into code, look around the room and pick 10 things you can see. Then write them as 10 JavaScript objects.

  • Create 10 objects from things you see.
  • Each object should have at least 3 keys (properties).
    • Choose varying data types for your properties (boolean, string, number, array, nested object, etc.)
  • Each object should have at least one method.
var pen = {
    color: "Black",
    price: 2,
    isGelPen: false,
    write: function() {
        console.log("I'm a " + this.color + " pen that costs $" + this.price);

Extra Credit:

  • Call a method from one object that then calls a method nested in another.
  • place all of your objects into an array and call your functions.
  • Nest one object within another, within another object, within another.
  • Create and call a method in one object that calls a method nested at the deepest level of your deeply nested object.