The Princess Is In Another Castle

The Princess Is In Another Castle


  • Create a class for a player that has the following properties:

  • name of type String

  • totalCoins of type Number

  • status of type String (options are Powered Up, Big,Small, and Dead)

  • hasStar of type Boolean (Is a star active?)

  • setName of type function - Has a parameter called namePicked where you pass in "Mario" or "Luigi". Sets name to "Mario" or "Luigi".

  • gotHit of type function - this is called whenever the player is hit by an enemy. gotHit() will set the status property accordingly. (Statuses go from "Powered Up" to "Big" to "Small" to "Dead".)

  • gotPowerup of type function - called when a powerup is received and sets the status accordingly. (Statuses go from "Small" to "Big" to "Powered Up". If you are Powered Up and it hits this function, you get a star)

  • gameActive of type Boolean, true by default, becomes false when status is Dead

  • addCoin of function - adds a coin to totalCoins

  • print of type function - prints to the console the name, totalCoins, status, and star properties. Make sure you make this look nice such as:

    • Name: Luigi,
    • Status: Small, etc, etc

Use that class to create the object.

Create a random range function that returns either 0, 1, or 2.

If the value is 0 call the gotHit() function on the object.
If the value is 1 call the gotPowerup() function on the object
If the value is 2 call the addCoin() function

Then call the print method on the object.

Now put the random range function inside a setInterval function that ends after gameActive === false

The end product will look something like this: