For this warmup you will have to create a Karma.conf.js file, write a test, and then write a function that makes the test pass.

Reference for setting up Karma.conf.js file:
  1. Create a karma.conf.js file that uses the phantomJS browser and Jasmine.
  2. Write a test for a function called "didDenverScore" that passes if
    A. the function returns 7 when the string "touchdown and field goal" is passed in.
    B. the function returns 8 when the string "touchdown and conversion" is passed in.
    C. the function returns 6 when the string "touchdown and missed extra point" is passed in.
    D. the function returns 3 when the string "field goal" is passed in.
    E. the function returns 0 when the string "no score" is passed in.
  3. Then run Karma and create the function "didDenverScore" until all the test pass.