This homework will take a while so get started as soon as possible.

You are going to create a RPG web page.

This is how it will work:

  1. When the page loads or refreshes:
  • The player will enter their name
  • The player will choose between 3 characters (images)
  • After they enter a name and select a character a Start Game button will become active and can be clicked to start game
  1. When the Start Game Button is clicked:
  • A random enemy will appear on the right-hand side (there are 3 enemies that can be picked from
    • It will show the enemy's name and current health
  • An attack button will appear under your character
  1. When you click the attack button text will show somewhere on the screen saying, "You attacked [enemy name] for [x] damage" where enemy name is the name of the current enemy and where x is how much damage you hit the enemy for.
  • Player damage should be randomly calculated each time
  • Player should have a 1 in 3 chance of missing the attack. If missed the text will say, "[player name] attempted attack against [enemy name] but missed"
  1. After you attack your attack button is disabled while the enemy makes his attack - similar text will appear saying "[enemy name] attacked [player name] for x damage". Each enemy can have random damage or a preset damage amount.
  • Enemy should have a 1 in 3 chance of missing the attack. If missed the text will say, "[enemy name] attempted attack against [player name] but missed"
  1. If the player kills an enemy the text on the screen should say "[player name] killed [enemy name]".
  2. After enemy is killed player should have a 1 in 2 chance of receiving a health potion. The health potion can have a pre-set or randomized heal power.
  3. If an enemy is killed the next enemy appears (there are 3 enemies total)
  4. After all 3 enemies are dead the player will win the game (have text on the screen that indicates so)
  • After winning, a prompt will say, "Do you want to play again?" with a "Yes" button. If selected the game restarts (as if the page was refreshed).

Other requirements:

  • Must be responsive (Use Bootstrap. If you are expert at CSS then you don't have to use Bootstrap. Otherwise use Bootstrap)

Extra Credit

  • Add sound effects for everything
  • Add different player weapons that can be used and obtained
  • Allow player to control multiple characters who each get a turn to attack (Similar to Final Fantasy
  • Allow multiple enemies at the same time to be fought each who get a turn to attack (Similar to Final Fantasy)

Graphics you can use (non-commercial only):

End result could look like this:

Or like this:


var Enemey = function() {

	var enemyNames = ['Weak Skeleton', 'Fierce Demon', 'Ugly Wargile'];

	var generateHp = function () {
		//write code to generate random hp 
		//return random hp

	var generateName = function() {
		//grab a random name from the enemyNames array and set it

	this.hp = generateHp();
	this.name = generateName();


Remember you might show this to an employer so make it awesome!