Rock The Vote

Rock The Vote

You are going to create a website that allows users to post and upvote or downvote political issues.


  • Web page that shows a list of political issues
    • Each item will have a title
    • Each item will have a description
    • Each item can be upvoted or downvoted
    • Items will be ordered by upvotes (the most being at the top).
    • Each item should show the total number of votes
  • Web page will have a Post button that allows new posts
  • Users can comment on posts (unlimited number of comments per post)
  • You will create a back end with the needed 'models' and 'routes' so that all topics, comments, and votes are persistent.
  • Use React for the front-end
  • Use Node/Express for the back-end
  • Use MongoDB and Mongoose for your database and models

Clearly you will need the ability to GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE

This is a fully functional front-end and back-end application including a persistent database.