Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

You're going make a node.js version of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Your program will use the readline-sync package (download by running npm install readline-sync while in the same directory as your exercise files) to ask the player if they would like to choose rock, paper, or scissors. The program will then randomly select one of those three options for the computer, and will return the result (whether the computer won, the player won, or it was a draw).

The logic for asking the user to make their choice, as well as displaying the result of the choice should be done inside of a file called game.js.

The logic for deciding who won should all be done within a separate file called gameLogic.js, which you'll pull into your game.js to use.

Extra Credit

Allow the game to be a 2-player game, where one person types their choice (hidden from the other player), then player 2 types their choice as well.