Pre-course prep resources

First thing to realize when you're preparing to take the V School class is that you will definitely want to play around in code as much as you can.

You could watch/follow tutorials all day and never actually do anything of your own, and a majority of what you learn won’t stick for longer than a few days. So when you learn something new, find a way to apply it. Even if that means trying to write a random for loop from memory 20 times in a row and changing it a little each time - it may seem silly but it really does engage the muscle memory and helps you learn much better than if you simply follow along with a learning resource.


Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp was originally created as a way to teach people to become Web Developers so they could help out nonprofit organizations with the development needs they have, but it's all-around a great resource for learning most of what we'll be covering in the V School Full Stack JS class. Spend time learning as much as you can about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (and optionally jQuery) from here.


JavaScript Books

There are tons of popular JavaScript books out there worth your time. These are just a few: