The year is 1950 during the Cold War. The Soviet communists are making plans to invade Antarctica. The penguins of the south aren't going down without a fight.

You will decide the fate of the penguins or communists through Javascript callbacks.

Assignment Requirements

  • Create two parties (Create a Javascript class and use the new keyword to instantiate the parties)
  • Each party has a name ("Penguins" and "Communists" - or whatever you want)
  • Each party has a starting population of 1,000,000
  • Flip a coin (random number between 1 and 2) to see which party attacks first
    • This will just be a randomly generated number (Hint: Math.random(); Also this will happen only one time and at the beginning of your game)
  • Create a function called sendNuke(party, onHit, onMiss) where:
  • the first parameter party is the Javascript object of the party that will be attacked
  • the second parameter onHit is a callback function that will be called if the attack is successful
  • the third parameter onMiss is a callback function that will be called if the attack is unsuccessful
  • the onHit and onMiss functions each take one parameter of type party (just forwarding the party you already passed into sendNuke)
  • Print messages in the callbacks that are appropriate - e.g. if the attack missed then it would log "The Penguins' nuke missed the Communists and instead landed in the ocean" or something along those lines
  • A random algorithm will be used to determine if the attack is a miss or a hit (this can happen in the sendNuke function
  • If an attack is successful initiate a random damage amount
  • After an attack is completed (or missed) the opposing party will initiate an attack.
  • This process will repeat until one of the parties reaches a 0 population

This will assess your understanding of the following topics:

  • Objects/Associative Arrays
  • Constructors or "Classes"
  • Callback functions
  • Functional programming concepts

Passing off this exercise completes Programming Principles Level 3 in the Super Transcript.

Extra Credit

For a better user experience, add some delay between attacks using setInterval. You won't be able to do this inside of a loop, so you'll need to learn about clearInterval as well.