Now You See Me...

Now you see me....

Now you don't
  • Create an Angular controller and connect it to a new index.html file.
  • Create an array called magicians that has at least 5 "magician" objects.
  • Each object should have at least name, age, and skills properties.
  name: "Harry Houdini",  
  age: 33,  
  skills: ["Escaping", "Slight of hand"]  
  • In your HTML ng-repeat through the list of magicians, and their skills list.
  • Add an Edit button that displays changes the display so that you can edit each magician's data.
  • When the magician is in "edit" mode, "Done" and "Cancel" buttons should display.
  • The "Done" and "Cancel" buttons should change the magician back to display its state.
    EXTRA CREDIT: Make it so that only one magician can be in "edit" mode at a time.