Multiple Array Methods Part 1

You should use multiple array methods to solve these problems. Don't use for loops!

Using the provided peopleArray (bottom of this article), write a function that:

  1. Returns a list of everyone older than 18, which is
  2. sorted alphabetically by last name, and where
  3. each name and age is embedded in a string that looks like an HTML <li> element.


function sortedOfAge(arr){
   // Your code here


    "<li>Kyle Mooney is 27</li>",
    "<li>Sarah Palin is 47</li>",
    "<li>Rick Sanchez is 78</li>",
    "<li>Morty Smith is 29</li>",
    "<li>Lev Tolstoy is 82</li>" 

Extra Credit

  • Create another array of one or more individuals and add it to the original array.
  • Create a function that filters out all people who's last names end with "y" or "a" and save those people in another array.
  • Remove the second individual from the array.
  • Return the array in reverse order.

Provided Array

var peopleArray = [
        firstName: "Sarah",
        lastName: "Palin",
        age: 47
        firstName: "Frank",
        lastName: "Zappa",
        age: 12
        firstName: "Rick",
        lastName: "Sanchez",
        age: 78
        firstName: "Morty",
        lastName: "Smith",
        age: 29
        firstName: "Kyle",
        lastName: "Mooney",
        age: 27
        firstName: "Pasha",
        lastName: "Datsyuk",
        age: 13
        firstName: "Lev",
        lastName: "Tolstoy",
        age: 82