Mario Pest Control

Mario Pest Control

Princess Peach has a huge infestation of Goombas, Bob-ombs, and Cheep-cheeps, and has commissioned Mario to take care of her pest problem. Mario did the job, but he is having trouble keep track of how many he has caught and has asked you to build him a website that keeps track of how many baddies he caught for Princess Peach so he can send her a bill.


  • Goombas: 5 Coins
  • Bob-ombs: 7 Coins
  • Cheep-cheeps: 11 Coins

Baddies Caught:

The number of baddies caught will be entered into thier input fields. Each baddies type will have their own input feild.

Total Price

This will be dynamicly depending on how many baddies were caught.

Project Requirements

The website must contain the following:

  • A list displaying each baddie by type. Each list item must:
  • Have baddie image
  • Have baddie name
  • Show price of that baddie
  • Have an input box to enter the total caught of that type
  • A total price at the bottom that adds sums the total cost of baddies caught
  • (must use Javascript for this math - no hard coded values)
  • A footer showing:
  • Mario's email address
  • Mario's company website url
  • Mario's physical address
  • A large title at the top of the page entitled "Mario Pest Control"
Passing Criteria: Visual Inspection by Instructor

Student demonstrated a solid understanding with the following levels of the skills tree:

  • Static Websites, Level 1
    • CSS Selectors
    • Colors in CSS
    • Fonts in CSS
    • Using external CSS stylesheets and JavaScript files
  • Deployment, Level 1
    • Opening an HTML document in browser
Extra Credit

Build Mario Pest Control website to be responsive, meaning it looks great when shrunk down to the screen size of a smart phone.