You're opening a new sandwich shop in Silicon Valley called JSON's Deli which is geared specifically towards programmers. You need to come up with a menu to display all of your items, and you decided you want to write it up in JSON format to delight your customer base.

  • The JSON should be saved as a JSON file (menu.json) and should be an object ({}) representing the entirety of your menu.
  • Your menu JSON should consist of multiple properties, each one an array, represent the array of options available for:
    • appetizers
    • cold sandwiches
    • hot sandwiches
    • desserts
    • drinks
  • Each item in each array should be an object consisting of 3 properties:
    • name of the item/sandwich
    • an array of strings representing the ingredients
    • a string description.
  • You must have at least 2 items (objects) on each submenu (appetizers, cold sands, hot sands, desserts, and drinks)

While you're writing out your JSON, it might help to periodically paste your JSON into JSONlint to validate that the syntax is correct.