jQuery Pest Control

All you have to do with this exercise is duplicate your Mario's Pest Control project and convert everything that was originally in vanilla (plain) JavaScript to use the jQuery library instead.

Rename the copy of the Mario's Pest Control folder you make to jquery-pest-control and put it in your exercises folder instead of the projects folder.

You must also add the following things to the project:

  • For those who added a calculation feature where the user can choose how many pests were killed (instead of hardcoding the values), make it so every time the calculation is done, a mario "coin" sound is played. The sound can be downloaded either here or here.
    • For those who didn't let the users pick how many pests were killed, use the pipe-down sound when the page finishes loading. Sound can be found here.
  • Add a button for nighttime viewing. If the button is clicked, it should switch a lot of the background color to dark and the text to a light gray. If you have a background image, either add a dark shade over the image or replace the background image entirely either with a different image, or just with a dark solid background.
    • jQuery css reference
    • Clicking the button should toggle it back and forth, and the text of the button should change from "dark mode" to "light mode" and back. (Or "night mode" and "day mode" if you prefer).