JavaScript, jQuery, Angular review exercise

This exercise is to help you practice and compare the different ways we've performed DOM manipulation (using JavaScript to change what shows up on the web page).

Your job is to complete the following task in ALL THREE of the ways we've learned so far: using plain (a.k.a. vanilla) JavaScript, using jQuery, and using AngularJS:

Build a small web application with an input box and a submit button. The user will enter some text into the input box, click the submit button, and an unordered list (<ul>) should appear with a list item (<li>) of the text the user just entered in the box. The user can add as many items as they want, and they will appear at the end of the <ul> as a new <li>.

Optional Extra Credit:

If you finish early, go through each of the apps you made and add the ability to delete an item from the list.