Group Project with Authentication

Group Project with Authentication

Over the next few days, you'll be working in small, 2-3 person groups to create an application that encompasses most, if not all, of what we've learned so far in the class.

At this point in the class you've learned pretty much everything you need to know to make a complete full-stack web application. For this project, you will need to include the following:

  • An AngularJS client with routing using ngRoute
  • A Node/Express server with API routes using the Express Router.
  • A MongoDB database
  • Mongoose for database modeling and ODM operations to perform CRUD (bet you never thought the day would come when that sentence made any sense, huh?)
  • Token-based Authentication implemented on both the server and client using JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).
  • A well-designed and responsive layout using Bootstrap (or you could do it manually if you feel like re-inventing the wheel...)

Try your hardest to do everything you can from memory or from a quick Google search. If you're stuck for more than 5 minutes, look back at another project for guidance, then quickly minimize the old project and try to continue things from memory again.

Have fun!