Git Catch-Up

Git Catch-Up

We've already completed a bunch of exercises and projects up to this point, but we haven't been keeping a very good backup or log of them.

Your task in this project is to complete the following:

  1. Make sure everything you've done so far is organized according to the folder structure we discussed in class.
  2. Create a file for the assignments folder
    • This README file should contain an explanation of what the purpose of this repository is. The text for this README can be found below.
  3. Create files for the exercises and projects folders
    • These README files should contain a generic explanation of what the exercises/projects folders are all about. The text for this README can be found below.
  4. Create files for each specific exercise and project we've done so far
    • These README files should contain some specifics about what topics you learned about/practiced in that exercise/project.
Folder structure

This is the folder structure you should be following as it pertains to organizing all of the assignments you're given at V School:

 |—— assignments
          |—— exercises
                  |—— silly-cia
                          |—— <files for this project>
                  |—— grocery-store-js
                          |—— <files for this project>
                  |—— etc.
          |—— projects
                  |—— daily-planet-editor
                          |—— <files for this project>
                  |—— etc.
Assignments Folder Text

You may use this text for the file in your assignments folder:

V School Assignments

This is the main README file for all of my assignments from V School. Each of the directories in this directory represents a warmup (daily, short practices), exercise (completed immediately after learning a new topic), or a project (used to test my ability in given areas of development) that I've worked on during my time here. Each of these assignments has a README file that explains the assignment given as well as a summary of what I learned by completing the assignment.
Exercises Folder Text

You may use this text for the file in your exercises folder:


The Exercises folder contains small programs, practice problem solutions, and apps that are used to demonstrate what's been learned throughout the course. Every subject we've gone over has a number of associated exercises to practice that skill.
Projects Folder Text

Projects are assignments specifically geared towards testing our ability to demonstrate an understandind in a collection of topics. Projects represent a culmination both of topics that have been recently learned as well as those that have already been tested in the past. Passing a project is akin to "earning a merit badge" or "leveling up." As time progresses, the projects become more intense, as they naturally build off of everything we've learned up to the point of the project.

In the beginning, they're typically due in 1 or 2 days. Towards the end of the course, we're usually given 1 to 2 weeks to complete a project.

Project Requirements

Passing Criteria: Visual inspection of the assignments repository on Github and Demonstration of adding a new assignment and pushing it to the repo

An instructor or TA will come by each student to make sure their repository is organized correctly, that the README files are in place and filled out, and that each student understands the process by which he/she updates the repository when new assignments come along.

This project passes off the following levels of the Skills Tree:

  • Version Control, Level 1
  • Version Control, Level 2