Full-stack Group Project

Full-stack Group Project

This is the second of your three final projects. This time around, you'll be working in a small group of 2-3 other students.

Project Requirements

You are tasked with building a full-stack application, meaning you will need to build the API, server, and front-end React app. Here are the requirements:


  • Must use express, mongoose and morgan dependencies
  • Must create your own API. (3rd party APIs can be used as well in addition to your own).
  • You must create at least one mongoose model to store in a mongodb database.


  • Must use create-react-app, axios and react-router-dom dependencies
  • Must have at least 3 routes (pages/views)
  • Must include as many as the CRUD methods as your app needs. (at least 2 would be great, which would include doing a Get All and a Get One for example).
  • Use Tools and techniques such as React Context, HOC's and Render Props to practice keeping your code DRY and reusable.

Also, since you'll be working with other people on this project, you'll need to get used to following best practices with Git so that you aren't overwriting each other's code all the time. Doing this is trickier than it may sound when it's your first time using Git in a team setting. Whenever in doubt, ask an instructor or TA for help using Git so as to minimize your down-time.


This part of the project is to help you narrow down your idea, clarify its parts and make it easier to start coding.

The requirements are as follows.

  • Paragraph describing your app idea, What are you building? Who is it for?

  • An easily describable MVP, Remeber you have a limited amount of time to develop this project. What is the minimum you can get done on this project to meet the requirements and get a product in someone's hand?

  • User Story, What is a user going to do when they go to your site from the time they hit the landing page? What features do they need and which are optional?

  • Mind Map, What is the structure of your backend and front app going to look like? What routes, models, components, actions, and reducers will I need?

Once you have the following items meet with your instructor, pass of your proposal, you can start coding.

Passing criteria: Project demo to the class

You'll be presenting your project in your assessment. Find an oportunity to show it off and talk through it to other code and design students.