Final Project Overview


Your final project is a portfolio project that will help you obtain your first job as a programmer!

Your project will include:

  • A robust front-end using Angular and Bootstrap
  • A back-end server with an API
  • A database to persist the data

Front End

Your front-end needs to be mapped out nicely and be responsive (support mobile devices). You will likely want to use a Bootstrap theme for this project:

Bootstrap Themes

Your front-end must:

  • Use Angular for all functionality
  • No JQuery unless you need a widget of some kind
  • Have at least 4 pages/views that have purposeful user interactions
  • Use $http to communicate with your back-end
  • Be responsive
  • Look pretty good!

Back End

Your back end will be build using Node and Express. Since the core focus of this project is Angular, the instructors will assist you in building your back-end as needed.

Your back-end must:

  • Support CRUD operations on at least 3 different endpoints/routes
  • Interface directly with your database


You will use MongoDB for your database.

Other Requirements

  • Must have some type of content that can be posted, updated, or deleted (Full CRUD)
  • Idea must be approved by instructor


The instructors will help you deploy your websites to a live server on your own domain name.

Getting Started

Here are the things you need to do to get started:

  • Pick a project to build (here is your chance to be creative)
  • Get your project approved by an Instructor
  • Reserve a domain name for this project/website
  • Work with an instructor to start mapping out your project

Don't have an idea?

If you can't think of any good project ideas you will be building a project provided by V School.

Project Ideas

  • Build a game
  • 2D UI-based game

  • Build a recipe organizer