Exercise - Project Setup Refresher

Angular Setup

We are going to work help you memorize how to set up an a basic Angular app. You will do this over an over for each Angular project and you need to get this down!

  1. Build the HTML from scratch
  2. Load Angular framework from a CDN
  3. Create an Angular module
  4. Create an Angular controller
  5. Have two input boxes that will each take a number
  6. Have a label that displays the sum of the values of the two input boxes
  7. Have a Sum button that, when clicked, either console.logs or alerts the sum of the two inputs
  8. Created a 2nd controller in your JS and your HTML
  9. Create two input fields within this controller that takes two numbers
  10. Have a Product button that multiples the number
  11. Have another label that displays the result of the calculation