Daily Planet Editor

Daily Planet Editor

You're the new editor of the Daily Planet, and you're committed to bringing the newspaper up to a modern-day standard. In order to do this, you're moving the paper online and are teaching all the Planet's writers to code.

As the editor, each piece of code needs to pass your desk for your approval before being shown to the public. Your job is to check for the following issues in every program that comes across your desk:

  • Is the writer using variables correctly?
  • Is the writer using operators correctly?
  • Is the writer spelling things correctly? (Misspelled programs don't just look bad, they can break!)
  • Is the writer following best practices with JavaScript code conventions?

Clone the code down from this repository and fix the code until it correctly follows JavaScript code standards and works the way it should.

Make sure you remove the V School remote url from the local repository, too.

# cd into the assignments>exerises folder
git clone https://github.com/VSchool/daily-planet-editor
cd daily-planet-editor/

rm -rf .git

Project Requirements

Passing Criteria: Code Review

Run your code by a classmate first to see if they can see anything you've missed.

Your project must pass a code review with the instructor or TA. They will specifically be looking for fixes to the things mentioned in the bullets listed above (correct usage of variables, operators, spelling, JavaScript code style, etc.), but you're welcome to do as much beneficial refactoring as you think is good. (Remember not to go overboard, or you could add too much complexity to the program).

This project passes off the following levels of the skills tree:

  • Programming Principles, Level 1