Catch Me If you Can

1a) Write a function that returns the sum of two numbers. Throw an error if either argument is not of the data type number:

function sum(x, y){
  //check data types first and throw error
  return x + y;

1b) Call the sum function inside a try block using "1" and "2" as arguments. Use console.log within a catch block to inform the user of the error.

2a) Given a user object, write a function called login that takes a username and password as parameters. Throw an error if either of them don't match. Otherwise, log to the console a message saying "login successful!"

var user = {username: "sam", password: "123abc"};
function login(username, password){
  //check credentials

2b) Call the login function within a try block. In one instance use the correct credentials, and in another use incorrect ones. Make sure you see the appropriate message!