Angular MadLib

Angular MadLib

Angular Mad Lib!

A mad lib is a sort of word game that asks you to provide certain types of words (nouns, adjectives, adverbs, etc...) and then puts your words into a story.

Part 1:

  • Create a mad lib in Angular that takes at least 10 words from a user via different HTML input tags.
  • Use ng-model, $scope, and {{ injection }} to bind data between your HTML and Controller.
  • The program will have a submit button that runs a function that populates the words into a story.

part 2:

  • Change the user interface so that the user only sees a single input.
  • The program will cycle through the different words that will be added to the mad lib each time the user clicks the submit button.
  • Once the user has entered in all the words, the words will populate into the story.
Extra Credit:
  • Use ng-if, ng-show, or ng-hide to make the story appear only after all the words are entered.