The Art of Googling

The Art of Googling
Motivation for Google-ing Well

Less is More

Too many words are confusing; Google is not a person, don’t use natural language!

Be Specific

Use ‘limiting words’ -- less common words that lead you to what you’re looking for

Refine, Refine, Refine

Use the ‘site:’ or the tilde (~) modifiers to refine searches

Skim, Don’t Read

Google bolds your search terms for you. Look for them.

Notice Repeat Words

Sometimes you don’t know the
vernacular. Let Google teach you!

search: “move king and rook chess”

how to discover term castling

Remember Your Terms

The words you enter will naturally skew your own results.

Use exact programming keywords in your searches.

What type of variables in Javascript

How to make for loop in Python

Loop through array in Javascript

Use js with that keyword to quickly search for the Javascript syntax for that programming concept.

Useful for Beginners

These two are much more likely to contain answers that are understandable by beginners. Use W3 Schools for use and meaning of things and Stack Overflow for errors, generally speaking.

More Reading

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